Professors and parents of high school athletes Marcos Dantus and Gary Blanchard set out to design an all-sports head impact sensor that would provide peace of mind to parents of young athletes. The goal being an affordable high-quality headband or cap with sensors that are simple to read, and provide objective information for return-to-play decisions. The elegant solution provides simplicity and reliability without easy-to-break electronics.


Contact Information

1 (833) 411-ROSH (7674)


Executive Team

Marcos Dantus
Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Professor, Chemistry and Physics

Gary Blanchard
Co-Founder, Co-CEO

Professor, Chemistry and Agriculture & Biosystems Engineering


Pedro Dantus

Owner, Total Power Inc.


Our Team

Boris Dantus
Marketing & Sales


Daniel Dantus
Marketing & Sales













Elan Dantus
Design & Testing


Our Advisors

Dr. David Kaufman, D.O.
Chair, MSU Dept. of Neurology and Ophthalmology

Dr. David C. Zhu, PhD
Professor, Radiology and Psychology

Dr. Sally Nogle
MSU Head Athletic Trainer

Dr. Jeffery Kovan, D.O.
Doctor, MSU Sports Medicine

Brian T. McConnell
Brian McConnell is a former NFL linebacker from the Houston Oilers, Buffalo Bills & Miami Dolphins.