ame="description" content="ROSH Head Impact Sensors are affordable indicators of the severity of a head impact, usable in any sport and by any person.  No App Required! Sensing strips slide into a moisture-whicking ROSH Headband or Skullcap, worn during event. ROSH Sensors Do Not Prevent Concussions And Are Not Diagnostic.">

Our Mission

Professors and parents of athletes Marcos Dantus and Gary Blanchard set out to design an all-sports head impact sensor that would provide peace of mind to parents of young athletes.  Both Marcos and Gary are pH.D scientists, well versed in taking measurements.  They understood the challenge with reliably measuring impacts while playing sports or engaging in any activity.  


Marcos and Gary set a goal of designing an affordable sensor that is simple to understand, and can provide feedback to concerned parents, coaches,  and of course the athletes.  


MTBISense, LLC is a two-family owned and operated company.  All ROSH products are Proudly Made In The USA.

Contact Information

1 (925) 444-5512