ame="description" content="ROSH Head Impact Sensors are affordable indicators of the severity of a head impact, usable in any sport and by any person.  No App Required! Sensing strips slide into a moisture-whicking ROSH Headband or Skullcap, worn during event. ROSH Sensors Do Not Prevent Concussions And Are Not Diagnostic.">

Sensor‎ Integrated Headbands!

Multi-Sport Head-Impact Awareness!

Sensors fit in concealed pockets on Rosh Headgear for consistent monitoring of head impacts.

Proprietary Impact Sensors designed by scientists for affordable, rapid, on-site monitoring of head injuries.


  • Force is what matters when it comes to injury
  • Lightweight and slim-profile Sensors
  • Permanent imprint of impacts can be reviewed rapidly!


  • MaxDri Moisture management
  • MicroBlok Antimicrobial finish
  • Field replaceable sensors

Multi-Sport Monitoring

  • All ages, genders, and sports.
  • Can be used with or without helmet