ame="description" content="ROSH Head Impact Sensors are affordable indicators of the severity of a head impact, usable in any sport and by any person.  No App Required! Sensing strips slide into a moisture-whicking ROSH Headband or Skullcap, worn during event. ROSH Sensors Do Not Prevent Concussions And Are Not Diagnostic.">

Home of Impact Awareness!

Every day, athletes of all ages are exposed to strong impacts.   Players can run into other players, hit turf, a wave, a wall- you name it. Unfortunately many impacts, like head impacts, don't have clear symptoms or are as easy to notice like broken bones.  Impacts may are strong enough to cause memory loss and can happen so quickly that others may not see it occur. 

Affordable SENSOR Integrated Headbands!

Proprietary Impact Sensors designed by scientists for affordable, rapid, on-site monitoring of head impacts.

ROSH Sensors provide  valuable information for determining return to play, useful for coaching preventive techniques, or aiding in the diagnosis of a concussion.  Our headbands and caps can be used in all sports and are compatible with other safety equipment.

Interpreting Rosh

  • Force is what matters when it comes to injury
  •  ROSH sensors will reveal a graduated design, calibrated from 0- 100 G's of force.


  • MaxDri Moisture management
  • MicroBlok Antimicrobial finish
  • Field replaceable sensors
  • Waterproof Sensors

Multi-Sport Monitoring

  • All ages, genders, and sports.
  • Can be used with or without helmet
  • Impacts can be from water, helmets, heads, turf, or any hard surface.